What size do rug I need

What size do i need

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes and finding the right size to suit your space is imperative. Use this guide to ensure you are buying the best possible size to compliment your room and achieve the look that you want.

Getting it right

There are two options for choosing the correct size for your living area. The most common is the contemporary oversized method where you place all of your furniture on top of the rug – in most cases a 200x300cm or a 250x350cm size is best – the other more traditional method is where you place your lounges around the rug and only your coffee table on top.

You should always remember when shopping for rugs that a 200x300cm and a 250x350cm size rug can look huge when they are hanging in a showroom however when you see them on the floor they always appear considerably smaller.

Quick reference size guide

cmft / inSuggested use
60x90cm2’x3’Doorways, Entries, in front of kitchen sinks
60x110cm2'x3'7"Doorways, Entries, Bedsides, in front of kitchen sinks
80x150cm2'7”x5’Double Doorways, Entries, Bedsides, in front of kitchen sinks
120x170cm4’x6’Large Entries, Bedrooms, Compact lounge rooms or Studio apartments
160x230cm5’2”x7’6”Bedrooms, 4 Seater dining tables, Small lounge areas - furniture sits  around the rug
200x300cm6’6”x10’6 Seater dining tables, Rumpus & Living/Lounge areas - front legs of furniture sit on rug
240x340cm8’x11’3”8-10 Seater dining tables & most desired size for living & lounge areas,  all furniture sits on rug rather than sitting around the rug


(Other similar sizes include 150x220cm, 155x225cm, 170x230cm & 170x240cm)

In the past this was known as the most popular sized rug-Its length and width are perfect if you’d like to fit a 2 and 3 seater lounge around the perimeter, this will create a more minimal, traditional look where you leave space between the rug and the furniture. It comfortably seats a 4 seater dining table and can squeeze a 6 seater dining table with the chairs in the under-table position.

wr_160_230_1.jpg wr_160_230_2.jpg


(Other similar sizes include 180x270cm, 185x275cm & 190x290cm)

This size is ideal for a contemporary look and can take a medium to large size or a 2 and 3 seater lounge combo. The idea in most cases with this size is that you put the front of the lounges on the rug. This rug also comfortably holds a 6 seater dining table with the ability for people to be seated and still have the whole chair on the rug.

wr_200_300_1.jpg wr_200_300_2.jpg


(Other similar sizes include 230x320cm & 250x350cm)

This size is ideal for a contemporary look and is great for placing your furniture on top of the rug. It comfortably holds an 8 seater dining table with the chairs in the outward position and a 10 seater dining table with the seats in the under table position.

wr_240_340_1.jpg wr_240_340_2.jpg

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